The Croatian Six

This new book tells the big story of the framing of six Croatian immigrants by the Australian police and justice establishment in 1979. All these eminent Australians – from corrupt cops to distinguished judges – were suckered by an agent provocateur employed by the Yugloslav government. The aim was to discredit the Croatian independence movement by pretending Croatians were terrorists, and that aim succeeded brilliantly.

Distinguished journalist Hamish McDonald has produced an important book and a great read, with central players including Roger Rogerson and his crooked comrades, and a series of judges who prove that being very intelligent is not the same as being smart. As for the Australian intelligence services, it was perhaps their most embarrassing moment.

This is Australia’s greatest miscarriage of justice, our equivalent of the Birmingham Six and the Guildford Four, but with one important difference: the Australian government has never said it was wrong.