Sex and the Vatican

'How much filth there is in the Church,' said Cardinal Ratzinger, who also discovered the extent of the "closet" through a secret report ... that was one of the major reasons for his resignation.' Keep Reading

World War Noir

Sydney’s unpatriotic war … a new book by Duffy and Hordern in their unique blend of true crime and history. Turns out not everyone in Sydney was behind the war effort, the city was abuzz with loose women and fast men – the deserters and black marketeers – sly grog,… Keep Reading

Sydney’s Great Unknown Crime Novelist

Richard Beasley is just about the best crime novelist writing about Sydney at the moment, and among the best in the country, so long as you include courtroom dramas as crime books. His Peter Tanner series is world class, with two out so far – Cyanide Games and The Burden… Keep Reading

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