BAD Program launch

The second Sydney Crime Writers Festival will open with bank robber and prison escapee Carl Synnerdahl, who in the 1970s fooled Fred Hollows – and the NSW justice system – into believing he was blind. The film Hoodwink is based on his memoirs. The festival’s program (attached) and ticket sales… Keep Reading

Police Rowers

An interesting link between several corrupt police officers was their participation in competitive rowing. Possibly this sport’s popularity, among police generally, was due to the fact it was the international version of the surf boat competitions common off Sydney’s beaches. The seminal event was the participation by the all-police Men’s… Keep Reading

Real Detectives

The ABC RN has had  a beaut interview with Detective Inspector Gary Jubelin and ex-cop and author Duncan McNab, about some of the differences between crime in books and on screen, and crime in life. There are some fascinating insights in the story on the ABC website, which links to… Keep Reading

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