New Aussie crime novel: The Calabrian

The Calabrian is a novel by best-selling author Matthew Benns, Editor-at-Large of The Daily Telegraph, that tells the story of two Italian immigrants who build rival criminal organisations in Australia. It builds to an astonishing climax.

It’s available online, one chapter at a  time. Starting now.

Good people like it.

“As a work of fiction The Calabrian gets awfully close to the truth as it delves into the history of the ndrangheta in Australia,” Mark Morri. Crime editor of The Daily Telegraph and bestselling author of Remembering Anita Coby and Hate Mail.

“A cracking good read that dives straight into explosive Calabrian deadly revenge.” Frank Walker author of Traitors and The Tiger Man of Vietnam

Check it out:

“This is your daily dose of Aussie mafia,” said publisher James Mills-Hicks. “Every day from Monday for the next two weeks readers will get a new chapter of murder, revenge and empire building crime.”

“This is a first, bringing the serial tradition of Dickens but with a modern twist that delivers a chapter every day to readers’ phones, laptops and computers.”


Matthew Benns reaches the climax of The Calabrian