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The Crimes of Lennie Lawson

One of the strangest of Sydney's murderers was successful comic artist Lennie Lawson, creator of The Lone Avenger and the Hooded Rider. Lawson also ran a photographic studio, and in 1954 was hired to photograph five models at Terrey Hills.
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TV & Film

Dirty Deeds

Stylish but uninteresting film based loosely on visit of mafia associate Joe Testa to Sydney in 1969, and the pig-shooting trip to Bourke he made with Lennie McPherson. By acting out the theory of some crime writers that the mafia came to Sydney, it reveals its absurdity. Why would the American mafia have… Keep Reading

Blue Murder

Impressive two-part TV drama based closely on the relationship between corrupt detective Roger Rogerson and criminal Neddy Smith, which led to the shooting by Rogerson of heroin dealer Warren Lanfranchi in 1981. Lanfranchi was a rogue crook who had got out of control of corrupt police and needed to be taken… Keep Reading

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