50 years ago: two terrible murders


29 January 1966: In January 1967 the Sydney Morning Herald would recall 1966 as “an almost unprecedented 12 months of violence” and report that police were still hunting for nine killers. One problem was that several of the 1966 murders appeared to have no motive.

On this day cleaner Wilhelmina Kruger, 56, was found strangled and mutilated in the Piccadilly Centre in Wollongong. A month later the stabbed and mutilated body of prostitute Anna Dowlingkoa, 27, was found in bush at Menai. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, detectives believed both women were killed in the same week by the same person.

In 1990 the Australian Institute of Criminology noted of these unsolved killings:

“Police suspect that there are links between the Wanda Beach murders and the other two murders. Indeed, there appears to be striking similarities between all three murders. In each case a body was dragged along the ground with no real attempts made to conceal the bodies. Sexual molestation after the slaying was involved in all cases, and the victims were murdered near or in Sydney.”

From: AIC Trends and Issues series, number 25, Serial Murder.