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Last Drinks for Harvey Jones

It started with a middy of VB. Or 30. When he wasn’t drug-dealing, prostitute-running, raping, robbing or murdering, the notorious Arthur “Neddy” Smith enjoyed crawling Sydney’s seediest pubs from Chinatown’s Covent Garden Hotel to Alexandria’s Star Hotel, from where he and sidekick Graham “Abo” Henry ran their “green-lit” heroin operation,… Keep Reading

Police Rowers

An interesting link between several corrupt police officers was their participation in competitive rowing. Possibly this sport’s popularity, among police generally, was due to the fact it was the international version of the surf boat competitions common off Sydney’s beaches. The seminal event was the participation by the all-police Men’s… Keep Reading

Real Detectives

The ABC RN has had  a beaut interview with Detective Inspector Gary Jubelin and ex-cop and author Duncan McNab, about some of the differences between crime in books and on screen, and crime in life. There are some fascinating insights in the story on the ABC website, which links to… Keep Reading

BAD: Crime on film, this Sunday

This weekend the first BAD: Sydney Crime Writers Festival kicks off. See the website for details. One session we highly recommend is a panel discussion of crime on film and TV. The panel is first-rate. Sue Turnbull, who reviews crime fiction for the Sydney Morning Herald, Graeme Blundell, who does… Keep Reading

BAD Domestic Noir

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Sydney crime novelist Megan Goldin will be appearing at this year’s BAD: Sydney Crime Writers Festival. What is this thing called Domestic Noir? 2-3 September, Justice & Police Museum, see:   Keep Reading

New: a Sydney Crime Writers’ Festival!

At last, Sydney is to have its own Crime Writers Festival, called BAD. There's been a need for this for years - the Sydney Writers Festival does a fine job, but crime can only ever be a small part of what it does. Meanwhile, the audience for crime books - fiction and non-fiction - has been booming. Keep Reading

The Askin money trail

After the death of Robert Askin in 1981 it was claimed that the Australian Tax Office had taken much of his estate in unpaid taxes. The implication was that he’d been a tax-avoider and there wasn’t much left. As with so much of the criticism of Askin, there  was no evidence… Keep Reading

The Dark Side

This new book contains the amazing story of Mark Standen, third most powerful officer in the NSW Crime Commission until his arrest for corruption in 2008 and subsequent conviction. Always a flakey character, with a major gambling addiction, chaotic private life, and an expensive relationship with a work colleague half… Keep Reading

Eugenia – a modern classic

In real life, Senior Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC successfully prosecuted one of Australia’s most unusual cases, that of Keli Lane. Before killing one of her children, she’d successfully hidden several pregnancies from those around her, including her water polo team and in one instance her lover. In this book,… Keep Reading

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