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Two books in, this series about detective Nhu Kelly is impressive. Newton is a former cop and her novels reek of authenticity. Few writers anywhere in the world have captured so accurately what police work is like. Sometime they go a bit too far – too much of repetition, office… Keep Reading

Michael Duffy

Young detective Nicholas Troy is a hard man to like, stuck in a difficult marriage, inarticulate, and mildly depressive. The two multi-viewpoint novels in the series to date are intelligent and delve into how Sydney works to an extent unusual and refreshing in crime novels, withThe Tower looking at construction… Keep Reading

Peter Corris

The Cliff Hardy novels began with The Dying Trade in 1980 and the fortieth, Gun Control, appeared in 2015. They are short and written in the first person. The first few books aspired to some baroque language, but the series then settled down to a plainess of language that matched… Keep Reading

Jon Cleary

The popular twenty-book series about homicide detective Scobie Malone was published from 1966 to 2004, with a hiatus in 1973 to 1987. It is probably the best-selling Australian crime series, and the most successful overseas due to Cleary’s reputation from other novels such as The Sundowners.< All crime novels are… Keep Reading

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