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Smack Express by Clive Small and Tom Gilling

Drug Traffic, Al McCoy’s magisterial history of Australian organised crime from the beginning, concluded in 1980. Smack Express takes the story through to the end of the century and describes how organised crime became involved in the growing drug trade from the late 1970s. It covers major figures and developments… Keep Reading

Sydney in Ferment by Peter Grabosky

Sydney in Ferment: crime, dissent and official reaction 1788 – 1973 (pub. 1977) This is one for the scholars, an excellent and tightly written history of Sydney crime by an American academic. Also helpful for any writer engaging with historical crime fiction, not least because it reminds us that what… Keep Reading

Unmasked: the Gonzales family killer, by Kara Lawrence

Extraordinary story of Sef Gonzales, a young man who killed his parents and sister in 2001 in their home at North Ryde. The Gonzales family were immigrants from the Philippines. Sef’s┬ámotive was that due to poor results at university, his disappointed parents had threatened to remove his car and disinherit… Keep Reading

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