BAD Program launch

The second Sydney Crime Writers Festival will open with bank robber and prison escapee Carl Synnerdahl, who in the 1970s fooled Fred Hollows – and the NSW justice system – into believing he was blind. The film Hoodwink is based on his memoirs. The festival’s program (attached) and ticket sales are launched today.

Fiction authors at the festival include Candice Fox, Dervla McTiernan and Megan Goldin, while crime fiction fan Laurie Oakes and Malcolm Farr talk about politics and crime.

A highlight is investigative journalist Joanne McCarthy, who helped bring about the child abuse royal commission, in conversation with Father Frank Brennan.

Sue Turnbull and Caroline Baum discuss Nordic Noir, ex-judge Brian Knox looks at what creates a criminal, and Tim Watson-Munro recalls his experience as a psychologist in some of our hardest prisons.

The ABC’s Jamelle Wells talks with the Daily Telegraph’s Mark Morri about reporting crime. Author Adam Shand expertly dissects the differences between the underworlds of Sydney and Melbourne. The festival opens with a crime quiz and closes with Warren Fahey singing songs from our criminal past – after which the audience can photograph themselves in the dock in the old Police Court.

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